What Can Campers Expect?
"Hello my name is Amberlynn. I have Cerebral Palsy. In 2008 I went to CAMP WAMP for the first time and I had the time of my life! Camp Wamp is home to me because at camp no one judged anyone. I went back until I aged out at 18 years old And I was sad because l realized that Wamping days were over. In 2014 my mom got a call from Jenny asking if I wanted to go back to Wamp. I had no clue that it was really happening. I went back to camp. While we were on a hike Steve told about his camp Wamp experiences and he and his wife Elizabeth told everyone to come talk to them about anything. So I talked to them about what I could do for a job by myself and we came up with a list of jobs. The next day I went back to them I said the list was good but I was more capable of something better than taking movie tickets. A couple of months after camp, we had a meeting. So we had meeting a couple months after camp in Sacramento about my ideas. The Wamplers have changed my life."
~ Amberlynn
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I'm Going to Camp Wamp!
New campers quickly embrace the Camp Wamp spirit and have the “home away from home” feeling that is a natural part of Camp Wamp! 
We call it “The Magic of Camp Wamp.”



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