Traditions & Special Events
"Camp is the only place that we can have so much fun,
and it is the kind of fun that we can only have at camp!"

Camp Traditions


Year after year campers pass down what we have come to know as the essence of camp. It is our through our customs that  we create a strong bond within the Camp Wamp community, and  to one another as a whole. At the very core, Camp Wamp is steeped in both tradition and tons of fun!  With our own songs and chants, flags and teams that are passed on summer after summer, decade after decade, we build a community that is unique to us.  Bonds are deep at Camp Wamp, friendships are real, and traditions and customs run deep.  We find this important and collectively beneficial to Wampers, one and all.

Evening programs and Special Events at Camp Wamp are also a part of the traditions that make returning to Camp Wamp so special each summer! Each session will include a special event and a variety of exciting evening programs that campers look forward to every summer!

Camp Wamp Teams

Teamwork makes the dream work

Team participation naturally develops leadership, cooperation and friendship among campers of different age groups. Often, our campers are in the same team as their siblings, and often family members choose to be in different teams just for fun and to express their own individuality. Either way, the experience is amazing, exciting and meaningful. We are all friends at Camp Wamp and the spirit of good sportsmanship always shows whether your team wins or not!  A symbolic campfire to “end” the competition is a part of our closing campfire after the end of session banquet.  The other events of the evening are also traditions here that are “meaningful forever-memories” that are identical to the “way it was when I was a camper here” no matter what year you were a Wamper on this campus!

Theme Weeks

Thursday Night Banquet & Dance

Theme Weeks for 2018 were:

      Session 1      –   Space Odyssey
      Session 2      –   Superheroes
Reunion Week      –   Western

      Session 3      –   Jungle Safari
      Session 4      –   Around the World

 Family Camp      –   Pirates and Parrots

Talent Show/Skit Night

An opportunity to showcase your unique talents

Whether you come to camp with a talent to share or not, the Talent Show/Skit Night is fun for all.

We have had singers, dancers, poets, and even someone who could play a whistle with her nose. Camp Wamp welcomes all talents!

Some campers prefer to perform a skit that they create with their counselors. Some skits are about funny situations that happened at camp, others are skits that come from a long tradition of camping.

Whether you see yourself center stage, behind the scenes, or clapping from the audience, this is an evening of fun for all.

Warm Fuzzies

A special gift for a new found friend.

At the beginning of each session, every camper, volunteer, and staff member draws the name of another member of the Camp Wamp family.

During their time at Camp Wamp, it is their mission to get to know this person and make a handmade gift based on what they learn about their new found friend.

Some gifts are extravagant like the rock family seen on the right hand side, however, most warm fuzzies are simple gifts given from the heart. The most commonly given warm fuzzies are friendship bracelets, handwritten notes or poems, and hand painted natural elements like pet rocks!


Everyone at camp loves to receive their warm fuzzy on banquet night!

Camp Out

Hike Out. Camp Out. Cook Out.

Each week, campers and their counselors hike around the lake to have a camp out on the shores of Deer Lake.

After rest hour, the campers and staff load their gear so that it can be taken to their campsite and head out on their one mile hike. Once they arrive at their new home away from home, the staff and campers set up their bunks for the night. The group then gets to enjoy some unstructured time to hang out, play games, sing songs, and bond as a larger group. Dinner that night, and breakfast the next morning are delivered to the campsite so that campers and counselors may prepare, assemble, and cook their meals. 


Highlights of camp out always include s'mores after dinner, and adaptive yoga lakeside in the morning.

Dance Party

Dance the night away.

As part of our end of session celebration on Thursday evenings, Wampers enjoy a Camp Wamp dance party and birthday celebration.

Dance parties follow the theme of the week. Campers, counselors, and volunteers dress up according to the weekly theme and take photos together in front of our themed photo booth.

The camp dance playlist consists of appropriate popular music that is hand selected for both camper enjoyment and by age level.